February 20, 2017

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Financial Websites and SEO

Finances can cause a stirring competition wherever they go and the online financial world is no exception. Top search results are all tied up in big city bakers, superior websites from mega corporations and even black hat ninjas.

When it comes to finance, dominating a niche in Google can be a daunting challenge, however, with some patience and the following insider tidbits that can spare you some tears, you may be able to reap the rewards of a highly successful finely tuned campaign.

The Industry

There is a tangible pressure in the air urging those in the financial sector to generate quality leads. Being located online for premium terms is GOLD. Expect the financial world to have extensive experience online and research will be done meticulously.

They will want their answers and right NOW! What better place to get them then from the all-knowing Google search. Rank in the proper terms and you can expect to generate high quality traffic that will carry in your bountiful ROIs.


With the smell of blood in the water the other piranhas like yourself, only bigger sometimes, will be sure to show up for healthy competition. Unless you accidently get swallowed. If you are planning on swimming in these dangerous waters you must fully expect to pay in blood sweat and tears.

Nevertheless, You Might Still Achieve Results

Despite the fierce competition you will find there will be ways of getting ahead. Proper SEO can do a lot to move your endeavors forward. The temptation to cut ahead or cut a corner in SEO will always be there, but don’t even wave to these notions as you pass them by.

To get the kind of results you will need to propel your efforts forward you will need to focus on the following important factors.

Keyword Research

You will need to fully research the keywords and select the most applicable targets on which to focus your SEO improvements. Conversions is the name of the game, not quantity.

On Page Foundations

In an industry pivoted on narrow margins it is absolutely essential to tick all the on page boxes. It is ironic to see how many players could have gone so much further if they would have fully read and implemented the Google Webmaster Guidelines.

A website must be fast, but not to the benefit of search engines, it must be fast for the benefit of the users. This kind of spot on performance is sure to be rewarded by the search engines. Users looking for information on insurance or loans want to make a decision fast, if your service is not up to par this will affect the bounce rate— the search engines are not going to be happy.


The all important foundation for the success of your financial site is going to be content. You will need to find the very best SEO writers who can provide you with comprehensive material. Writers with an insight into the financial sectors who will do the research and become experts in the industry.


Another important item on the list would be a well-appointed and maintained Blog. If you take the time to think about it there are many unanswered questions that with your perspective and a bit of research would be fairly easy to answer and explain in layman’s terms.

Questions like “If I am only employed part time, can I still get a loan the same day?” Or “Was I mis-sold payment protection?”

You can also look for ideas on Yahoo Answers or WordTracker Questions, these places are full of questions for your expert opinion and could increase your online authority.


Directories are still one of the most effective ways to generate backlinks to your website. The more closely they align to the subject at hand, that is the financial sector, the better.


Some may say that finances is not a social topic, but there is actually a lot to talk about, Be sure you keep an active Social media Campaign as this can generate plentiful rewards.

Don’t Hide

Trust is another key ingredient in the online sector, people want to know that you are well established and why shouldn’t they. Don’t hide anything, omission can be looked at suspiciously especially with people who have had bad online experiences.

Get your Google Places profile up and running , then get pages on Yelp, Brownbook, Qype and HotFrog


If you plan on entering this highly competitive arena, i must warn you that there are some who play dirty. You must always be wary of competitor site scrapes and also intentional links that come from a bad part of the internet and could affect your standings.

In Conclusion

The risks are high in the financial game but then again so are the stakes. By playing a cool game and developing a proper strategy it is very possible to navigate this minefield well and collect on premium prizes.